TextBlast is a comprehensive and powerful module that enables you to send SMSs to your customers or administrators during various events in your ZenCart store.

Improve customer service & notify customers via SMS to establish greater levels of trust. Deepen the relationship with your customers and build a stronger customer loyalty with the help of SMS marketing. Loyal customers tend to buy more & more regularly. And they will frequently recommend your e-shop to others. More customers = higher sales...!

Give administrators the advantage of immediate access to information via SMS messages, whether they are at a computer or not.

With TextBlast module you can send SMSs worldwide. The price of the SMS depends on the recipient country, selected sender type and the payment amount. Our prices are among the lowest in the market.

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Notification via SMS ensures efficient transmission of information and your customers will be informed quicker, especially those who

do not have permanent access to the internet and e-mails.

SMSs are always delivered to its addressee, opposed to an e-mail which can be considered as SPAM.

Some customers receive dozens of e-mails to their mailbox every day and can therefore easily miss your emails.

SMS are always read!


Customer and admin SMS notification during various events in OpenCart

Multiple admin support

SMS marketing with advanced filter options

Sending bulk SMS from a CSV file

SMS history


SMS opt-out

SMS settings for each country

Credit account management directly from the module


SMS price change
SMS price change in Bangladesh, Japan and Ireland. See pricelist.

SMS price change
SMS price change in Slovenia and Latvia. See pricelist.

SMS price change
SMS price change in Egypt, Tunisia, Netherlands and Palestine. See pricelist.

SMS price change
SMS price change in Qatar, Philippines, Morocco and Russia. See pricelist.

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